BPTK API Documentation for the Scheduler class


Scheduler for agent based modelling.

Scheduler Constructor


Scheduler for agent based modelling


handle_delayed_event(event, dt)

This method checks to see whether the event is a DelayedEvent.

If not, it simply returns the event.

If yes, it counts down the delay by one timestep (dt), caches the event in delayed_events and returns None.

  • Parameters

    • event – Event. The event to check

    • dt – Integer the timestep to count down.


The event if this is not a DelayedEvent or the delay<=0 , otherwise None

run(model, progress_widget=None, collect_data=True)

Run the simulation. Override this in a subclass.

  • Parameters

    • model – Model instance.

    • progress_widget – Widget (Default=None). If set, the widget is used to show progress during execution

run_step(model, sim_round, dt, progress_widget=None, collect_data=True)

Run a simulation step.

Override this in a subclass.

  • Parameters

    • model – Model Model instance

    • sim_round – Integer round of simulator

    • dt – Integer. Current step of round

    • progress_widget – Widget (default=None) Live instance of FloatProgressBar

    • collect_data – Boolean. Flag that indicates whether to collect data.