BPTK Change Log


  • BPTK: Improve handling of floating point numbers when using small DTs
  • ScenarioManagerSD: Fixed an issue that caused models with biflows to be cloned incorrectly


  • BPTK: Fix that caused a crash when using multiple scenario files for hybrid models


  • BPTK: Fix bug in reset_scenarios for Hybrid Scenario Managers


  • BPTK: Update dependencies of Pandas / Matplotlib / Sympy / Parsimonious / Pyyaml / Xlsxwriter / Jinja2 / Requests / Jsonpickle / Flask
  • Successfully tested with Python 3.11


  • BPTK: Fix imports of SimpleDashboard class
  • BPTK: Update dependency of Scipy, Numpy and Pyyaml


  • BPTK: reset_cache now also resets the data collector in agent based models
  • BPTK: reset_cache calls the reset_cache method on all agents
  • BPTK: agents now have a reset_cache method that can be used to reset agent state
  • BPTK: Updated dependency on ipywidgets to 8.0.4


  • BPTK Server: Remote authorization for root, full-metrics and metrics endpoints
  • BPTK Server: Add /healthy endpoint
  • BPTK Server: stop-instance and load-state are now POST resources
  • Bug Fix: Remove debug print message

BPTK Tutorial and Documentation Change Log


  • Update to Enterprise Digital Twin


  • Add section on System Archetypes to model library
  • Update and fix some of the diagrams


  • Simplify SD model in Enterprise Digital Twin
  • Update documentation of Model and Module
  • Re-organize tutorials
  • Merge docs on BptkServer
  • Move doc on ExternalStateAdapter to API section
  • Add a document on the mathematics underlying the SD DSL
  • Update document on SD DSL functions
  • Bump version of BPTK


  • Bump version of BPTK


  • Move XMILE into System Dynamcis section
  • Add Algolia search


  • Improve readability of API docs
  • Use Jupyter notebooks instead of markdown for overview pages
  • Add “Introduction to BPTK Server” notebook
  • Add “SD DSL Under The Hood” notebook
  • Remove readme.ipynb to reduce reduncancy


  • Bump version of BPTK to 1.7.4
  • Add Beer Distribution Game to Model Library
  • Improve link structure


  • Change theme
  • Add Quickstart
  • Migrate model library from Model Library Github repo
  • Add Enterprise Digital Twin to Model Libary