Simple Dashboard

BPTK API Documentation for the SimpleDashboard class

Simple Dashboard

Helper class that can be used to set up a dashboard. Check the Develop Dashboards Using SimpleDashboard document for an in-depth explanation.

SimpleDashboard Constructor

SimpleDashboard(bptk, scenario_manager, scenario, style={}, layout={})


add_custom_plot(plot: Callable)

Adds custom plot. Plotting must be handeled in the function. :param equations: Callable

Reference to function that plots.

  • Returns

    The output the plot gets drawn on.

  • Return type



add_plot(equations: List[str], title: str, names: List[str], x_label=’‘, y_label=’‘, start_date=’‘, kind: Optional[str] = None, visualize_from_period=0, visualize_to_period=0, freq=’D’, agents: List[str] = [], agent_states: List[str] = [], agent_properties: List[str] = [], agent_property_types: List[str] = [])

Wrapper function for bptk.plot_scenarios. :param equations: List.

Names of equations to plot (System Dynamics, SD).

  • Parameters

    • title – String. Title of plot

    • names – List Names of equations. Used to map equation names to human readable names.

    • x_label – String. Label for x axis.

    • y_label – String. Label for y axis.

    • start_date – String. Start date for time series.

    • kind – String. Type of graph to plot (“line” or “area”).

    • visualize_from_period – Integer Visualize from specific period onwards.

    • visualize_to_period – Integer Visualize until a specific period.

    • freq – String. Frequency of time series. Uses the pandas offset aliases.

    • agents – List. List of agents to plot (Agent based modeling).

    • agent_states – List: List of agent states to plot, REQUIRES “AGENTS” param

    • agent_properties – List. List of agent properties to plot, REQUIRES “AGENTS” param

    • agent_property_types – List. List of agent property types to plot, REQUIRES “AGENTS” param

  • Returns

    Plot id (used for identification when plot data is updated).


add_widget(widget, model_connection: Optional[Union[str, ModelConnection, Callable]] = None)

Add any custom widget to the dashboard

  • Parameters

    • widget – Widget

    • model_connection – Union[str, ModelConnection, Callable, None] - Optional The connection this widget has to the model. Can either be a direct connection to a constant using a string, a ModelConnection or a Callable, that gets called when the widget updates.



Starts the dashboard. Call this at the end of the script.


update_plot_data(attribute: str, value: str, plot: int)

  • Parameters

    • attribute – string The attribute of the plot that will be updated.

    • value – string The value the attribute will be set to.

    • plot – int The plot id to update. Plot ids are returned when plots are added to the dashboard using the add_plot function. If plot < 0, all plots that contain the attribute will be updated.